Marine environment cleaning program

Program Direction

  • Encouragement of community members for preservation of marine environment
  • Timely collection and disposal of wastes floating on waters and scattered on the shore

Basic Principle

  • Strengthening of cooperation between civic groups and municipalities on marine environment
  • Prevention of pollution to marine environment and elimination in advance of factors that can interfere with port functionality by quickly collecting and disposing wastes brought in from land and sea

Main Programs

  • Jinhae/Haengam Bay Contaminated Area Dredge Project
    • Project cost: KRW 16.5 billion
    • Project to be executed after the measures to manage the contaminated marine sediments are established
    • Contracted studies of measures to manage the contaminated marine sediments in 2009 (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries)
    • Dredge project (2012)
  • Marine Waste Cleaning Project
    • Purpose : To create the clean and comfortable marine environment by collecting floating and deposited wastes in the harbors and fishing ports
    • The project will begin with the areas such as Tonyeong and Dongho Ports that are seriously suffering from pollution.
  • Collection of Marine Wastes from Ports and Shores Project
    • Target : Masan Port and special coastal pollution control sea area
    • Timely collection of collection of wastes floating on waters and scattered on the shore
    • Cleaning programs carried out jointly by public and private organization
      • Events such as the General Cleaning of Coasts (quarterly), Marine Day and Coast Cleaning Day
    • 경남도 등 관계기관 합동으로 마산항 수중침적물 제거
      • Focus on the open sea spanning from Machang Bridge (collection target : 870 ton)
  • Installation of Containment Boom to block inflow of wastes
    • Location/type : Front side of breakwater in Old Masan Port / 120m long oil fence
  • Removal of Unattended Abandoned Ship Project
    • Purpose
      • Checking of abandoned ships left attended in the public waters and establishment and execution of measures to dispose them
      • Establishing the clean marine environment and securing safe navigation path by quickly removing the unattended abandoned ships
    • Target : Masan Port
    • Description
      • Monitoring and inspection of the areas to prevent unattended waste ships
      • Strengthened patrolling and survey of abandoned ships (quarterly and routinely)
      • The confirmed owners of abandoned ships are ordered to remove them, and the ships without known owners are removed by discretion