마산지방해양수산청장 변재영

Since Masan opened the Port in 1899, the Port of Masan with its good natural and also geographical convenience and being located in the central part of the southern coastline of Korea peninsula has contributed greatly as an international trading port for the growth of the national economy.

In addition to that, in the hinterlands of port of Masan there are Masan Free Trade Zone, Changwon Industrial Complex and a large scale of Sachun Industrial Complex in now under construction.

Such hinterland transport net as Namhae Expressway and Kuma Expressway were built up and these expressways are connected so smoothly to Taejon, Kumi, Taegu and Chinju cities that we can transport a lot of freight at a low cost much faster than from Pusan Port.

Besides, to deal with the growing amount of material resources faster and safer, we're trying to expand the port facilities, and improve efficiency of hinterland transport and port management. Moreover, we cut down up to 80% of port tariffs concerning container ship and cargoes to provide best satisfaction to the port users.

As Port of Masan is developing remarkably as an international central trading center in the areas of the Pan-Pacific and Far Eastern Asian countries, it is to be hoped that all of you take advantage of our Masan Port and facilitate your business.


Masan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, Byeon Jae Young